Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Time for all good (wo)men to come to the aid of the party ...

So Parliament is to debate scrapping the Beer Duty Escalator on November 1st...

So if you ...

a) drink in a pub
b) drink at home
c) brew beer or work for a brewery
d) manage a pub, work in a pub
e) are the tenant at a pub
f) own a freehold pub
g) own a pubco, work for a pubco
h) work in the logistics chain that supplies pubs and breweries
i) work in any ancillary industry servicing the pub trade

... contact your MP and tell them you expect them to support any motion to scrap the duty escalator.

If you don't know how to contact your MP go to They Work For You where you'll find an easy postcode search facility.

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