Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Render unto Caesar ... but only as much as you should do ... & other stuff

September is the month when HMG takes the then current inflation rate and calculates how much the Universal Business Rate will be in the ensuing April.

This year the with inflation at over 5% HMG look set to rake in an extra £1.35 billion in commercial business rates. 

With all the pressures on pubs such as increased rents, increased supply costs, increased energy costs and the iniquitous beer duty escalator still in force we should all be looking very carefully at our business rates and where appropriate doing something about reducing them. To that end I have written a small piece on the How To Run A Pub website covering this very subject. You can find it by clicking here

Other recently added articles are on Customer Service and Staff Pensions

I hope you find all three articles useful.