Monday, 1 October 2012

Beer, beer, lovely beer ... well some of it ...

It's that time of year again when The Cask Report (now in its 6th year) is published and our collective thanks should go to the redoubtable Pete Brown, for his sterling work in authoring this 'state of the nation' address.

Required reading for any publican its comprehensive view of cask ale, how it's perceived and how it's developing can be downloaded here.

There's a wealth of statistics based upon market research and if you are selling (or considering selling) cask ale the section on perfect mix of ales is invaluable.

On a slightly dissident note, however, I would once again reiterate that the brewing industry in all its myriad forms from domestic brewers, to micro-brewers, to town brewers, through to the regional and national brewers is continuing a great tradition of brewing in this country and that no matter the medium of delivery, all beer should be celebrated ... be that cask, keg or bottled.

So perhaps next year the report will simply be re-titled to be The UK Ale Report, or some-such, and Mr Brown will further amaze us with insights into all forms of beer brewed in the UK ... as the report in its current form doesn't really encompass or inform us of the total picture of the British beer market ... just a thought ... as if the manufacturers of the recyclable 'Pertainer Keg' gain purchase as reported by Tandleman then maybe artisan or craft beer or real ale or whatever we call them will evolve in a way that makes the word 'cask' somewhat redundant.

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