Tuesday, 23 October 2012

And more is less ...

Just an adjunct to yesterday's post, as the British Beer and Pub Association announced that UK beer sales fell by 4.8% in the last quarter compared to the same quarter last year. This drop on top of falling beer sales in the previous quarter of 5.3%.

In six months that means a total 166,000,000 less pints sold,

... the message sinks in?
which, using CAMRA's estimate of £1 per pint (on average) means
£166,000,000 less tax paid,

so my question to this economically illiterate Chancellor is

 which bit don't you understand?


J Mark Dodds said...

We need to get together and make a push to bring this nonsense to an end.

Publican Sam said...

Indeed Mr Dodds ... contacting your MP and making sure s/he turns up for the debate and supports the 'pub cause' ...