Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Olympic Overload?

Like it or not ...
Like it or not at 5pm on May 17th, Posh and Becks (Princess Anne & David Beckham) and the Lord of the Games (Seb Coe), will take possession of the Olympic Flame and the "greatest show on Earth" will commence. Whether you are a sports fan or not, whether you think the games are too commercial or not and whether you think the cost will have been worth it or not ... you are about to experience something that most people only do once in their lifetimes, be a citizen of a host country for a summer Olympics.

The BBC promises "unrivalled" coverage of the XXXth Olympiad. In all there will be 2,500 hours of coverage spanning 25 channels showing every second of Olympic action. BBC 1 will show nothing but Olympics from 6am until 1am, with the occasional break for news. Those looking for their regular installment of EastEnders, Panorama, and Songs of Praise during this period will have to turn to BBC2. Some of the BBC's less popular shows will be "rested".

So spare a thought for those that don't give a monkey's nuts about the games, for whatever reason, and maybe you can carve a temporary niche in the market by not showing the games on your pub's TV screens ...

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