Monday, 14 May 2012

Minimum Pricing ... Maximum Court Time

With thanks to Greg Burrows for the link to the judgement of the European Court against the Netherlands when they tried to introduce minimum pricing for certain alcoholic products ... basically it is a "quantative restriction" under Article 30 of the EEC Treaty ... or in other words illegal.

To many of us this judgement is not surprising ... what is surprising is that the likes of Salmond and Cameron are intent on introducing minimum pricing for alcohol ... given that this judgement was handed down on January 24th 1978!

So unless the EEC Treaty has been amended sometime in the last 34 years WTF are Cameron and Salmond up to?

Numpty and McNumpty are going to cost UK taxpayers a shed load when it comes to having to test this again in the European Courts ... added to the distinct possibility that it will have next to no chance of succeeding as a policy to reduce alcohol harm it begs the question if either of the Numpty Cousins are fit for purpose?

Just a thought ...

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