Thursday, 7 October 2010

Trading Standards Institute - nanny goes too far!

Trading Standards don't you love 'em? Amazing isn't it during a period of spending review, budgetary constraint, austerity measures et al that TSI wants to take over elements of policing and regulatory control in the licensed industry.

Call me a cynic, but with pubs continuing to be the whipping boy of successive administrations, it's just great to see all these government departments scrabbling for funds and jumping on the bandwagon.

Surely the police and licensing authorities have sufficient powers to enforce licensing legislation?

And why the emphasis on pubs? I don't know the figures but I would hazard a guess that more underage sales take place in the off-trade than the on-trade and that the off-trade is far more aggressive and irresponsible in its pricing policies than any pub.

Still, it's not surprising given the Coalitionistas muddled and ill conceived thinking on licensing and many other issues.

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