Monday, 11 October 2010

The Stuff of Life

What a brilliant day Saturday, lie in, pootle about for an hour or so then out to a local community event in Nottingham, called “The stuff of life”.

Picture one of those lovely London squares (you know like the one in Notting Hill) with the railings and the trees and all the houses round the edge. Fill it with local artists hanging their pictures off the railings, throw in a half a dozen craft makers showing and selling textiles, ceramics, jewellery, hand made books and then add some laid back acoustic bands and a smattering of kids running around being kids and you have the perfect way to wile away a few hours.

If only pubs (those with a carpark/beer garden) would realise that they sit at the heart of their respective communities and get involved they would have a ready made, loyal and lucrative core clientele. Run by the local residents’ association who organised this without a penny of council money this is the sort of thing that pub’s are the natural venue for.

Only thing missing … a decent beer (had to settle for a few take outs from the local shop) … but hey if it was organised in a local pub …

… which we found not too far away with a great selection of local and regional ales (all 8 in very good condition ... we stayed a while) served by helpful and pleasant staff … attached to which was not only a carpark (at least 20 spaces), an outside terrace (heated shelter, seats  for over 40) and sizable lawned area (enclosed with at least 8 picnic tables) … and how busy was it? Apart from half a dozen in the bar and the same again outside this sizeable establishment was empty … only a matter of time before the tumbleweed rolled on by! (Yes and the staff confirmed this was usual for them)

Perhaps a stroll down the road and engaging with the local community might see the place buzzing and the tills ringing!

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