Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Enterprise Inn(s) the dock again ...

So another corporate entity is found guilty of Health and Safety breaches and another life lost. (see MA article below)

Whilst I have every sympathy with the family and friends of Mr Lee it does beg certain questions for all of us in the hospitality industry.
Whether a landlord has the legal responsibility to carry out safety inspections or not will be determined by an individual's tenancy or lease agreement and as such the authorities have clear recourse in law to deal with any infringements.
Enterprise demonstrably failed in this respect on this occasion and although the fine is a drop in their corporate bucket they have been punished. I do not know whether Mr Lee's family have been compensated or will seek compensation in the Civil Courts but trust that they are seeking professional legal advice on this matter. If they do go for Enterprise I wish them every success.

The tenant, however, has a higher responsibility, which is to ensure that (no matter what) the premises s/he operates is a safe environment for themselves, their families, their staff and the general public using those premises.

Regrettably it seems that in many situations a tenant's lack of financial resource is used to mask their inability (through lack of experience or knowledge of such things) or unwillingness to ensure that health and safety remains paramount.

I for one would seldom trust a pubco to fulfill its obligations and always guard against it.

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