Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Lies, damned lies ... and well, just lies ...

As all you men out there will know it's a statistically proven fact that ManFlu is 20 times worse than WomanFlu (there are statistics to prove it here at Nursing Voices a global nursing forum) ... a fact to which I can currently attest as I shiver and shake on the verge of death ... so you'll excuse me if I'm brief about my disdain and disbelief about the raft of "statistical information" currently being bandied about by the neo-prohibitionists at Alcohol Concern and their myriad ranks of supporters in the 'health industry'.

For a long time now I and others have been high-lighting the inconsistencies in the arguments of the anti-drink lobby but this years Alcohol Awareness Week brings a truly unbelievable slew of 'facts' and figures to support their hysteria.

So if you want to see some of the counter-arguments then I suggest you head over to Pete Brown's Beer Blog and Phil Mellow's Politics of Drinking for some considered analysis of Alcohol Concern's outrageous calumnies.

If you search this blog for my musings on this subject you will see that Alcohol Concern is not alone in its distortion of the truth ...use the search button and look for alcohol concern ...

As for me? Well it may be relatively early in the day to imbibe, but I am going to supplement my Carlsberg Beecham's Cold  & Flu powder with a hefty shot of whisky and retire to my death-bed. If by some miracle I survive my bout of ManFlu I shall resume normal service shortly ... if not, send lilies.

For more factual information about ManFlu check out this highly respected health information site.

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