Thursday, 20 September 2012

Oi, nuMPties, we have spoken!

On February 15th 2012, Chris Schofield started e-petition 29664 ... it called on the Treasury to Scrap the Duty Escalator that is causing so much damage to the British pub trade and brewing industry. (thanks to Rob Willock from the PMA for correcting me ... doh!)

At 10.26 am today the petition received the necessary 100,000 signatures required to "force" Parliament to debate the topic. Thanks again to Rob (sic) for pointing out also that it is one of only 12 to get this far ...

This and previous administrations have done incalculable harm to our sector of the economy both by sin of inclusion and sin of omission.

I have no doubt that any Parliamentary debate will see honourable members wring their hands and decry the death of the British pub.

I have equal certainty of belief in the intransigence of the Treasury in this matter and that the Duty Escalator will remain in place.

That shouldn't stop us, however, from continuing to voice our dissatisfaction with the (in)actions of this, past and future government and highlighting the social and economic importance of our industries.

The next step is to challenge the preposterous notion that Minimum Pricing will be the silver bullet to cure all social ills, but especially the scourge of alcohol abuse that we as an industry do so much to combat, whilst still trying to earn a living.

It may have taken 218 days for 100,000 to sign epetition 29664 and it may take even longer to get the requisite 100,000 to sign epetition 31885, but I for one will continue to shout it from the digital rooftop ...


You can sign the epetition on Minimum Pricing by clicking the link on the right hand side of this page.

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