Thursday, 13 September 2012

1,062 and counting ...

Widely reported in the press today (and even featured on the Today program on Radio 4) we as a nation can proudly boast over a thousand brewers, the highest number for over seventy years.

This phenomenal growth (158 new breweries in the last year alone) despite all the health lobby and successive administrations have done to try and cripple the brewing industry and heritage of this country has to be celebrated ...

So to mark the occasion I have added a new "useful link" unsurprisingly on the useful links page to a nifty little site called aletalk

25 in the Nottingham areas alone

With lots of features including a calendar of beer festivals, blog, forum this really is a fantastic resource

My favourite feature on the site is the fully searchable database of UK breweries and beers ... as of today 1,062 of the former and a staggering 8,833 of the latter ... it the has additional functionality of putting breweries/beers on a map for you so you can find all those in your area ... with details of the location, contact details, beers brewed, brewery tours, shop ... all any beer lover needs.

Fantastic chap(pesse)s ... long may you continue.

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