Saturday, 4 February 2012

From Russia With Love ...

Once again the redoubtable Mark Hix (restrauteur and contributor to the Indpendent newspaper) has come up trumps with a fantastic set of recipes for duck.

The one that really catches my eye for the average pub menu are the Duck Bitok, a version of traditional Russian meat balls, served with sour cream. 

I have, for a long time been a fan of Russian cuisine, blini, bortsch, pashka, koulebiaka, stroganoff and, of course, good vodka to wash it all down.

With sub-zero winds rushing in from the steppes and a cold snap across most of Europe I can't think of a better way to cram in some comfort food and liquid central heating ... get yourself over to this site for authentic Russian recipes.

The great thing about most of the Russian food I've ever cooked is that a lot of it is peasant food and is accordingly inexpensive to source and thus of interest due to its potential for good GP%.

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