Monday, 29 November 2010

The Onward March Of The Undemocratic Beaurocracy

Isle of Wight Pubwatch has announced a partnership with the NHS in a bid to reduce alcohol-related disorder.

Representatives from the Isle of Wight NHS will attend meetings between the pubwatch, will speak on behalf of the HNS and nominate trouble makers for pub bans.

Whilst I appreciate the concerns of health service workers and the abuse and violence they suffer at the hands of drunks, I can't but help think that this amounts to little more than a kangaroo court. No evidentiary proof, no right of reply and the "court" imposes sentence without recourse.

I for one would not like to be on the end of the inevitable court cases that will flow from this ill-conceived initiative.

Far better for the police to secure prosecution with meaningful punishment and restoration than this vigilantism.

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