Monday, 23 January 2012

How to make sure your pub is attractive to your local MP ...

According to a report in today's Telegraph you'd better make sure of the following things:

House of Commons Dining Room
Don't charge more than £2.60 a pint (this against the average national price of £2.90 according to Pint Price . com or the eye-watering price of £3.50 other London drinkers pay) 

Don't charge more than £4.15 for pan-fried red mullet with carrot purée and a soft boiled quail’s egg or serve Artichoke and tomato salad with truffle dressing for more than £2.05 (the cost of those meals in the House of Commons dining rooms).

Make sure you serve your chips in a tower so the chips don't go soggy and heaven help you if you charge more than £2.35 for a glass of Merlot.

All this sage advice, of course, if you want to make sure your pub is full of whingeing, self-serving numpties who really have lost touch with life in the real world ... wonder how much their £5,8 million subsidy to their catering would have bought in the real world ... maybe it's time to ask your MP if "we're all in this together" still?

(Just as a matter of interest according to Horse and Hounds £5.8 million would buy Fermyn Woods Hall the home of the Brigstock Horse Trials) 

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