Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Lies, damned lies and statistics ... Part 1

Tied pubs not more likely to fail than free of tie pubs … Greg Mullholland reinterprets pubco figures and  proves them wrong ...

Parliament as an institution is no fool, its constituent members is a different matter, let's hope that the continual misinformation (and in some cases according to Parliamentary reports outright falsehoods) put out by the pubcos and those with vested interests in them will prompt some action to end the rapacious activities of these companies.

Let's face it these corporations are not like the banks (absolutely integral to the general economic well being of society) these companies are not too big to be allowed to fall over. The countervailing benefit to society of safe and well run public houses as part of the social infrastructure of this country must far outweigh the interests of a few hundred pubco executives and managers.

Their respective shareholders and bond-holders will find a way to protect their interests (even if the value of those interests takes a temporary hit - such is the nature of free markets) especially if they are seen to be the saviour of the great British pub by ending the questionable business practices of the corporations they are funding.

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