Thursday, 3 February 2011

One in the eye for Sky and the Premier League?

Today's formal opinion by the European Advocate General Julianne Kokott, in favour of Karen Murphy, the Hampshire licensee who has been battling the Premier League and Sky is a boost to struggling pubs.

Although not binding on the judges hearing Karen's case in the European Court of Justice, I certainly hope they follow the lead of the EU's foremost lawyer.

For too long Sky and Premier have ridden rough-shod over the UK pub industry whilst squeezing ever exorbitant fess from cash-strapped publicans.

I, for one, ditched Sky and bought a foreign system some 18 months ago and the savings were some £15,000 p.a. - with the added benefit that the matches we chose to show were unencumbered by the inane ramblings of "experts" and pundits.

Congratulations on this significant step toward clearing your name Karen, your fortitude and courage are an example to us all on not taking it up the a**e from big business anymore!


Cooking Lager said...

Well done to the EU for enforcing a single market across Europe and ensuring pubs can buy any decoder cards they like. Sky have no monopoly!

The same free single market that allows me to buy booze anywhere I like, whether cheap grog from Tesco or cheap grog from a Calais hypermarket. Pubs have no monopoly!

Publican Sam said...

Would that there was the same transparency and level playing field for tied publicans in the purchase of their goods for sale ...